facelessonez: Ambitions

Oh, what a lovely day!  A memorable quote from a popular movie that I saw not too long ago.  I can relate as I have been looking forward to launching this website for so long, and now the time is upon us!  Ambition is a tricky thing, since talking about it is swell, but without actions there are no results.  Some will hate you for your ambition, and lay out obstacles to your success whether they be physical or mental.  Some will support your ambitions, but that support can only get you so far without some work on your part.  

And with that, you are privy to my own ambitions taking shape.  The first novel in the Faceless Assassins series has been long in the works, going through revision after revision until the original manuscript was tossed in the trash and I started from scratch!  What is taking shape now is a harrowing tale of chance meetings, and youthful retribution(a term I am quite proud of coining :)  Characters born from my mind, extensions of my own persona.  Whether it be my own moral compass, empathetic nature, or my undying love of hip-hop music, the Faceless Assassins series will have something for everyone!

With that said, I welcome you to the world of the facelessonez and hope you follow me on this spectacular journey!