Get ready for the reaction videos! From The Game Awards 2017, Capcom Cup, to the Avengers: Infinity War trailer, you can bet when something new and popular is announced on the inter-webs that video-bloggers will post the all-important reaction vids to their Youtube channels. It’s not really a new thing, but they have gained in popularity over the years.

taker loses wrestlemania.jpg

Who can forget buggy-eyed-black-guy-in-Daniel Bryan-t-shirt lamenting the end of the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania 33? WWE capitalized on his genuine reaction that mirrored how fans were feeling inside. Hopefully he got paid, because WWE used the heck out of his image!

Game Developers have found value in the hype generated by a good reveal. YouTube streamer Maximillian Dood was recently given a limited edition Street Fighter 5 bundle from the developers at Capcom. This is evidence that Max's video game streams bring light to Capcom's products. Max makes it a point to upload his reactions to big news within the fighting game community and other genres.

Maximillian Dood’s reaction to the Injustice 2 announcement revealing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is great. Waiting through the entire Eleague Injustice 2 finals, Maxamillian shows a dedication to his fans with his determination to provide his viewers with a genuine reaction to the character reveal.

When the Ninja Turtles step onto the screen, his excitement is akin to a child's on Christmas morning. It's a great feeling when something that nobody is aware of is suddenly revealed and the entire community can share in the excitement.