It’s a trip how times have changed…

I’m listening to Gucci Mane and Chris Brown’s new song ‘Tone it Down’ and C-Breezy (whom I do like) is melodically singing; ‘Womp, womp, womp, womp, I might steal your biiiitch…’ and I couldn’t help but laugh at how silly it sounded. I thought to myself, why is he singing this? Shouldn’t the rapper talk about stealing someone’s…ahem, bitch. Why is the singer trying to be the rapper? Damn you, R. Kelly and your R&B thug influence!

I try to defend hip-hop nowadays, lord knows I do…but a lot of the stuff I hear is reprehensible. From singing rappers, to rapping singers, to mumble rappers that sing over auto-tune…sometimes this new era of hip-hop is hard to swallow. Even the bad boy of R&B, Bobby Brown, high on cocaine and hookers never threatened to take your woman on a song in such an explicit manner. 


I remember When Donald Glover proclaimed that the Migos’ 2017 hit ‘Bad and Boujee’ was, “Like, the best song, ever” and I was enticed to give it a listen. If that song is not the most unintelligible hit song in Billboard history then I don’t know what is. Aside from lines like, ‘drip drop, drop top’ and ‘Bad and boujee, cookin up dope with an uzi’ the rest of the song sounds like; ‘Dubba-da-duh, Duh-bubba-duh-dubbada-duh-duh’. (I do a great Migos impression in real life!)

 I don’t mean to hate on the youngsters, I’m just being honest and that’s what I hear. Future artists will be influenced by these guys, along with the Lil Yachtys, Uzi Verts, and 21 Savages. A bunch of mumbling, sing-song artists that barely have personalities. They require a person to pop a pill or to drink a quart of lean to fully understand them. As my dear mother used to say; I’m glad I am the age I am.

But hey, who am I to say whether a song should be good to anyone other but me? A hit is a hit no matter how much I hate on it. After hearing the Migos mumble away on my lady’s car radio I have come to appreciate some of their tunes. I also discovered that they say ‘Woo’ a lot, which I can associate with the one and only Nature Boy, Ric Flair…so I guess they have that going for them…