Then you killed it. All of the nineties hip-hop heads yearning for the better days of rap music killed hip-hop. If you clamor for the times when every car passing by was bumping a hot Wu Tang-banger, funky beats from Outkast, and melodic Bay-area funk from E-40...then you probably don't know that each of these artists has recently released awesome music. If you don't check for the artists that you loved in your youth, is hip-hop dead or are you just a hater? (lol)

big boi.jpg

Big Boi from Outkast released a stellar solo album, BOOMIVERSE this year, albeit without a feature from his other half, Andre 3000. Heavily produced by Outkast's production team, Organized Noize, the music hearkens back to the greatest Outkast albums. But, if you’d been paying attention to Big Boi's output as any true Outkast fan should, then you would be familiar with his previous solo efforts (that have progressively gotten better). Hardcore hip-hop is still alive in this new millennium, you just have to be willing to search it out.

How about the newer artists; can any of them whet a hip-hop aficionados appetite? Maybe the likes of Lil’ Uzi Vert, the Migos, and their ilk of mumbling youngsters don't match your tastes, but a lot of people don’t know that Gucci Mane and 2Chainz are nearly forty years old! Both have released exceptional music over the years, displaying an ability to adapt and adjust with this new era of music. Since they are popular among many younger hip-hop supporters, older  fans may figure that they are young and therefore unrelatable, but those assumptions are killing their hip-hop soul.

Personally, I love hardcore hip-hop and find myself on a constant search for what's new and HARD. A big disconnect between the younger and the older hip-hop audience is only a matter of taste; youngsters seem to like more emotion in their hip-hop then the 80s babies. It's fun to imagine if misogynistic songs like "Ain't No Fun if the Homie Can't Have None" would be popular today, or if the sing-song "iSpy" could have been a hit back in the nineties.

It's okay to think of Snoop Dogg's DOGGYSTYLE as a classic, but still jam out to "Bodak Yellow". A great Google Music Playlist will incorporate Gucci Mane's "Curve", and Kendrick Lamar's "King Kunta" along with hip-hop staples like Ice Cube’s “Check Yo’ Self”, and Biggie’s “Warning”. Dong forget to add Wu-Tang's current banger, “My Only One” to that playlist. Ghostface Killah is spitting classic bars as always.

 Hardcore hip-hop is alive and well. Don't blame the music if your personal taste died long ago.