One might say that Street Fighter V’s release this past February got off to a bit of a rocky start.  Mediocre reviews abound, leaving an average Metacritic score of 77% to date.  Not a terrible score, but far from the great expectations for the successor of the game that revived the fighting game genre, Street Fighter IV.

    While the tight, fast paced mechanics were lauded, issues with the single player content, and questionable practices focusing on the fighting game community (or FGC as it is widely identified) over casual gamers left a bad taste in many would be fan’s mouths.  The decision to leave out fighting game mainstays such as Arcade mode, and a focus on online competition left many gamers feeling unsure of Street Fighter V’s direction.  Reviewers seemed to be teetering on the edge of praise.  With excerpts like “A step backwards in game modes,” and “As of the time of this review, SFV is a showcase of potential, but little else” there seemed to be hope that with a few tweeks, Street Fighter V could be a worthy successor to Street Fighter IV.  

    Seven months later and we have more of a clear view of where the flagship fighting game is headed.  As of September 23rd, the final DLC character for the first season, Urien has been available for download.  Along with the other anticipated DLC characters, this has brought the Street Fighter V roster up to a respectable 22 characters.  Not the most characters in a fighting game by any means, but luckily we are far removed from the times when clone characters were used to fill the roster.  (Ryu, Evil Ryu, Dan, and Akuma anyone?)  

    Along with additional characters, there have been many updates along the way to keep players looking forward to the future. Additions like Challenge Mode, vs CPU, and the much ballyhooed Story Mode have succeeded in fleshing out the single player aspect of the game.  The newest update has added a host of features, including updated stage interactions, a hilarious way to defeat your foes, as well as Daily Challenges enabling different ways for players to earn coveted in game Fight Money.

    These are just a few of the updates that have occurred in seven months.  We haven’t touched the exclusive costumes, stages, and colors for players to unlock!  With the plethora of content that Capcom has provided since Street Fighter 5’s much maligned launch, it will be interesting to see what an updated review of Street Fighter V has to say about the game.