That Monster

 That monster called Cancer.  At times I can barely even utter the word.  In the past few weeks, this monster has been in the headlines.  Taking the lives of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, this monster does not discriminate against the young or the old, the rich or the poor, the faithful or the agnostic.  I have seen this monster take babies from fathers, grandfathers from grandsons, and wives from husbands.  This monster has no soul, and will prey on the weak and strong. 

What is crazy is that this malignant monster is often born within those it takes without outside interference, a parasite native to the person it affects. 

Recently in my internet browsing I came upon a review of an independent game titled ‘That Dragon, Cancer’.  I was hesitant to read the review, at first.  Being a gamer, I was intrigued to read the review…how would they be able to translate the stigma of this monster into a video game?  I was scared at how it might make me feel.  I didn’t want my emotions to get the better of me, big boys don’t cry and all. 

But, the concept of the game gave me a good feeling, even though I didn’t play the game.  I won’t go into details about the review, (look it up!) but I can say it made me think of hope and faith.  It made me think of comfort and love, and how no matter what the future may hold, that YOU have the responsibility to make your loved ones feel appreciated and strong.  No matter how big this monster may be, it can never defeat us.  For we live forever in the stars and the hearts of those that cherished us, that makes us all winners in the end.