College freshman Ebony Creighton is your classic ‘mean girl’.  A mixed race beauty, her spoiled attitude is thanks to the indulgence of her successful, drug dealing father.  Unfortunately, as the song goes, all good things eventually come to an end.  Her father’s lawlessness comes to a brutal finale during a holiday visit to his remote mansion, when two young assassins lay a bloody siege leaving Ebony as the lone survivor.

 Knocked unconscious by a gunshot during the melee, Ebony awakens to find herself abducted by the young assassins.  Strong willed despite her injury, Ebony prepares herself to fight off any intentions of rape or sex slavery her captors might have in mind.  But Ebony finds herself in a far more complicated scenario, caught up in a moral dilemma between two young men, coming of age after a lifetime of contract killing. 

 Raised within the mysterious organization known as the Association since babies, Kyo and Michael have been reared into a lethal two man army; Kyo as the lithe, frontline hand to hand combatant, while Michael takes his position from afar laying cover fire for his partner.  With a bond deeper than most siblings, in part to the communication chip implanted into their brains as toddlers, the decision to leave the Association behind is a hard one.  While Kyo sees no other choice but to save Ebony’s innocent life, fighting back against their masters’ orders for the first time, his partner Michael is caught between conflicting feelings of what’s right, or continuing his charmed life as a highly touted assassin. 

 An endearing road trip is the backdrop for the trio’s adventure, as they travel from the remote Canadian wilderness to the inner city streets of the Midwest on a mission to get advice on their next move from the only person Kyo and Michael can trust, their grandmother Madea!  Ebony is forced to get to know her captors over the long road-trip, breaking the tension when Michael’s obsession with hip-hop music triggers a debate regarding Jay-Z’s death and his effect on their current music tastes.  A shaky bond is formed between the three as they attempt to escape their fates at the hand of the Association who have sent a couple of enigmatic assassins of their own hot on their trail.

The trio arrive in Kyo and Michael’s hometown of Omaha, NE, in the midst of turmoil after a controversial police shooting of an unarmed black man has the neighborhoods in an uproar.  Ebony is introduced to the matriarch of their small family Madea, as well as their charming older cousin T.T. who attempts to keep peace in the streets by holding a weekend block party.  Once the Association’s assassins track Ebony’s location with the magic of social media, the setting is prime for confrontation!  But unbeknownst to everyone, their coming clash is only the beginning, as secrets are revealed regarding Ebony’s father, and Kyo’s mysterious background and connection to the Association!


Stay tuned for more info on our fist YA novel in the Face-Link Assassins series!


Faceless Assassin: KYO

“   Blame Madea for my morals, she shouldn’t have taken us to church, I guess.   ”                                                                                                        - KYO

Blame Madea for my morals, she shouldn’t have taken us to church, I guess.”  

                                                                                                  - KYO