Whatever you have planned, keep it in the dark. Revolution does not happen in the light. Jazz was invented in small places with alot of smoke in the air. It has to be quiet and focused
— Jill Scott

A multi-faceted writer, journalist, and author, J.D. Avant’s writing prowess has accumulated an impressive volume of content spotlighting luminaries in the fields of business, art, and activism. With roots stemming from the North Side of Omaha, NE, his depictions of violent ghettos that have morphed into hopeful communities are important documentations of the city’s history.

Check out some of J.D. Avant's published articles at Omahamagazine.com and Capitol Underground Gaming League, where you'll find diversity and dynamism in his writing. Creative marketing blogs and posts highlighting an understanding of SEO and keywords to drive web traffic for local and national clients including Buffalo Wild Wings sit alongside popular game reviews, artist profiles, and insightful narratives.


Creativity is an essential key to success for J.D. Avant. Utilizing a life-long love of hip-hop music and culture helps with his creation of chronicles about significant names in the local music community, while a love of animation, and American comic books (Marvel > DC) as fuel for the upcoming Young Adult and Middle-Grade novels he has crafted. 

Compelling female protagonists and artists are near and dear to the author’s heart. Top names in the vein of Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliott, and fictional characters including Kill Bill’s Beatrix Kiddo and Jean Grey of X-Men fame are near and dear to the author's heart. They are an inspiration for strong female characters like Ebony Creighton, the college freshmen who witness the redemption of two young hit-men in the pages of FACE-LINK ASSASSINS. Young adult readers are in for an action-packed character study alongside Ebony on the ultimate road-trip as her captors make the final decision to desert their masters to save her life.

Younger children will delight in the company of popular video-blogger, Coco Pringl in the lighthearted Middle-Grade novel, WHO FRAMED JOHNNY JAMES? Her biggest story to date awaits as Coco travels to the newly minted Dome Island Animal Sanctuary to meet the quirky young philanthropist, Johnny James. Known as the 'Millennial Michael Jackson,’ Johnny invites Coco to document the Grand Opening preparations for his renowned animal sanctuary on the remains of the West Coast while navigating mishaps, accidents, and a troop of mischievous baboons!

Where would a writer be without a blog to unload his thoughts? Check out the Faceless Blogger and enjoy J.D. Avant's many musings on a wide range of subjects. From Donald Trump's jump from Wrestlemania to the White House to an inquiry about grown folks and their new-age fear of clowns, the Faceless Blogger has something for everyone!

Having studied children’s prose and marketing with the Institute of Children’s Literature, J.D. Avant has found value in embracing a strong influence from hip-hop culture, comic book culture, and anime genre to strengthen his writing style. JDavant.com and Facelessonez.com are focused on bringing the world a new breed of diverse, entertaining characters that resonate with Young-Adult and Middle-Grade audiences.

Excitement is in the air as J.D. Avant's imaginative universe is brought from the darkness of his mind and into the light of the world!  Make sure to follow our social media feeds for updated blogs, media events, more character profiles, and information regarding upcoming children's novels.  

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